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The syllabus and the study materials have been developed by subject matter experts with professional degrees and 20 plus years’ experience of working in senior leadership positions in large companies

The programs have been designed in an easy, step-by-step process to help participants gain from practical on-field knowledge and adapt to best practices from experts. This gives the participants an edge to gain first-hand knowledge and be successful in the real world of foreign trade

To enable the participants understand the lectures in the classrooms comfortably, lectures by faculty members are delivered in English, Hindi and native languages depending on the choice of location

The motto of Exim Guild is to be of service to the community. Scholarships are offered to deserving candidates so that talented individuals requiring financial assistance can also avail of the superior quality of our courses and be successful in their careers

Exim Guild is registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, ‘Director General of Foreign Trade’ under Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of ‘Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises’. It is also a member of prestigious "Indian Chamber of Commerce"

To ensure we are consistent in delivery of our course quality, we are guided by our four leadership principles 1) Complete Learning Satisfaction 2) Win Trust 3) Nurture Talent and 5) Raise the Bar. Our teams are guided by the common principles to make you successful

Business mission

Make in India

Make in India is a major national programme of the Government of India designed to facilitate investment, foster innovation, enhance skill development, protect intellectual property and build best in-class manufacturing infrastructure in the country. The focus of Make in India programme is on 25 sectors. These include: automobiles, automobile components, aviation, biotechnology, chemicals, construction, defence manufacturing electrical machinery, electronic systems, food processing, IT & BPM, leather, media and entertainment, mining, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, ports and shipping, railways, renewable energy, roads and highways, space, textile and garments, thermal power, tourism and hospitality and wellness

Growing India’s Exports

In Global Economic Outlook, Fitch Ratings Inc said India's gross domestic product (GDP) growth will slip to 0.8 per cent for the year April 2020 to March 2021 (FY21) as compared to an estimated 4.9 per cent growth in the previous fiscal. However, growth is expected to rebound to 6.7 per cent in 2021-22. The year 2020-2021 with the slowdown of the GDP growth in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, is undoubtedly the most testing and challenging times for Export-Import business across India. Exim Guild is confident that together we can, and will, emerge victorious from this difficult period and drive our businesses on a high-growth trajectory. Much needed relief is expected from the economic package to be announced by the Government of India in such difficult and testing times. We will share the knowledge and skill of foreign trade with you to take advantage of all the incentives and bring back growth in the exports sector to ‘Follow That Dream’ of expanding your business beyond geographical boundaries of India

To equip entrepreneurs and students with certified export- import management skills to enable them navigate through the complexities of foreign trade. The Exim Guild alumni will form the talent pool to support India’s economic growth plans from US$2.5 trillion into a $5 trillion economy.

To design and deliver multi-lingual course content by highly experienced and qualified faculty members, that will train participants in practical best in class standards to lead successful Export-Import ventures by establishing themselves as preferred partners of global clients. The courses will be driven through business fundamentals as well as “practical experience and nuances”, sharing from some of the global leaders of the EXIM industry to raise the bar and be an enabler for you to - “Follow That Dream”.


The Modern Way To Make Succesful Business

Entrepreneurs and students who wish to jettison their career or business and grow in the international business post the COVID-19 pandemic. A minimum work experience of 2-3 years is preferred.
It is a sovereign body registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Ministry of Commerce & Industry(Director General of Foreign Trade), Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises and is in the process of being awarded membership by the prestigious Indian Chamber of Commerce.
We have created a standard cost and course content across India. This helps you to register for a course and attend classes in any location where Exim Guild is present for part or for the full course. We also provide scholarship for the needy students and women candidates who want to make a comeback in their careers. Please speak to our student counsellor for further details.
The programs are held at various locations in key cities and towns across India and abroad. Please confirm your location choice (which are spread across India) with the program coordinator from Exim Guild. You may choose to attend modules (six full day classes) from any city of your choice. The venue is selected after careful consideration of Exim Guild team to ensure central location for easy access of student and faculty, hygiene conditions and safety feature of the building.
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What do people praise about Exim Guild faculty? 

The certification supports participants to gain knowledge and skills of export import business. This would help them to grow in their career or business in international trade.

Pillars of Success

Certification Programs

Offers you four different courses in Export-Import Management through class room, online trainings & workshops.


Your one-stop-shop to start your company, and support your shipment operations through our dedicated team.

Shipment Verification

To provide your customers a credible certification on the packaging and volume of your shipments.

Trade Fair

Visit important trade fair abroad organized by Exim Guild so that you can focus on your business and be successful in finding new buyers.


Research is very important to enable us to keep updated in foreign trade to find new products and markets for your business. Participants can avail scholarship to our programs based upon submission of their market research reports and logistics development papers.

What is import and export?

In the export import business, when goods and services produced in your marketplace are sold to a buyer outside your country in exchange of payment in acceptable currencies between the countries, it is called exports. In imports, the process is reverse where the goods or services are procured from a foreign country to the domestic country against payment in acceptable currencies.

In this context the largest export product from India is of refined petroleum whereas mineral fuel constitutes of the 32% of total imports into India and the largest import item. Today the business world is sophisticated and there are international organizations regulating or governing foreign trade between the countries. A fine example is World Trade Organization (WTO) which has greatly contributed to the growth of the foreign trade between countries.

Import export business

The import export business is a structured business process and has internationally accepted common systems and procedures for operations. The customs have simplified processes and the international chamber of commerce has clear INCOTERMs defining the risks of the buyers and sellers. The process can easily be learned from an export import business program conducted by a leading import export training school. The processes are well established and simple. A person after training can be equipped to start his or her own export import business with support from the experts from the training school. There are several schemes of the government of India to support new exporters as well as business houses to start exports and grow their business. The banks are also very helpful to offer financial assistance to exporters for pre-shipment and as well as post shipment credits.

Role of DGFT

The Ministry of Commerce and industry has an extended office of Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) to be involved in the regulation and promotion of foreign trade. From its inception in 199. Keeping in line with liberalization and globalization, its objective has been to grow exports from India. DGFT plays the role as a facilitator keeping in view the interest of our country. Please visit https://www.dgft.gov.in/CP/ to learn more in details.

How to start import export business in India?

Starting a new import export business is simple and can be started with very little requirement of financial investments.

There are several international bodies which play an important role to structure the import export business worldwide. The government of India has various schemes to support growth of exports business from India. The banks also play an important role and offers finances to the new exporters to help them establish their businesses subject to them meeting some conditions.

Please find below a synopsis of a short step-by-step process to start your own export import.

1. Choose the name of your company.

Please take care to choose a name for your company. Preferably a name should be chosen which is not already registered with Registrars of Companies (ROC). A good export management institute will guide you to choose the name of your company wisely and help you to register it with ROC. In case of proprietorship concerns, registration of the company with ROC is not required.

2. Type of Company
The recommendation is to form the simplest type of company to start an export import business from home. It may be suggested that the business preferably be started as Proprietorship firm, Partnership firm or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in order of priority. Export import training classes will help you to learn the merits and demerits of various type of companies. 3. PAN Number and IEC Code
Once you have chosen the name of the company for import export and have registered it, please obtain the PAN number from the IT Department. Thereafter, you will need the IEC code from Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). 4. Open a bank account
You will need to open a current account with a bank. It is preferable to open the current bank account in a branch where they are an authorized dealer in foreign exchange by Reserve Bank of India. Most export import business will choose an active foreign exchanging branch of a bank close to the office. 5. Prepare a website, soft copy brochure and template of the introduction of your company.
A professional website, quality brochure and a well drafted introduction letter would go a long way to introduce your company and create the first impression. Invest wisely in creating a soft copy brochure containing the photographs of all your key products and their description. An export import management institute may help to guide you in the process. 6. Finding genuine buyers
Now that you have successfully launched your company , the need is to find genuine buyers. A good export import training online will guide you to a practical approach to find genuine buyers through its various methodologies. If you want to undertake vegetable export from India, it is important to understand the key markets and the importers before you can start communicating with them.

How to start an import export business from home?

Is it possible for small manufacturer or traders like you, to venture in the import export business? Can you be an exporter from India? With the advent of the internet and easy availability of information, homemakers and individuals can take advantage of the cheap availability of data and communication to explore trading opportunities abroad.

The investment required to start your own export import business can begin with as low as few thousand rupees required to obtain your Import Export Code (IEC) and open a current bank account.

To start an import export business from home, you may choose the following steps at your discretion

  • 1) Form a new company (if you already do not have one). The proprietorship is easy to form, followed by Limited Liability Partnership and limited Company
  • 2) Obtain a PAN number for your company (for a new company)
  • 3) Open a current account in foreign exchange bank account with minimum balance
  • 4) Register with DGFT and obtain your IEC code
  • 5) Start networking for development of new genuine buyers
  • 6) Obtain a Purchase Order and an Irrevocable sight Letter of Credit (L/C) from your buyer
  • 7) Source your products from a trustworthy and genuine manufacturer
  • 8) Verify the quantity and quality of the product that you are sourcing
  • 9) Pack the materials in a good quality packaging materials fit for exports
  • 10) Complete export formalities, including shipment documents, customs processes etc
  • 11) Submit document to your bank for payments
  • 12) Receive the payment of your shipment through the sale proceeds.
In order to understand the details of the above process and make of your business successful a good export import academy will be your catalyst.

How to pursue import export course after 12?

Export and Import Certificate Course can be pursued after completing one’s class 12 education. Import export certificate course enhances the participants’ knowledge and the subject domain skills and help them to be successful in the real world. Certificate course in import export management helps in leadership development and skills and how to work practically.

India’s best-selling program in export and import management designed by global business experts Exim Guild is a platform to provide first quality education and has one of the best import export courses.

The course has been designed in an easy-to-understand manner along with import-export practical training to give the participants the confidence in the real world.

The training programs from Exim Guild are available across India. The key locations for the export import course are in Kolkata, Durgapur, Jamshedpur, Vishakhapatnam, Bhubaneswar, Siliguri, Bangalore, Pune, New Delhi and Chennai.

Export Import Management

The Government of India is supporting to grow export from India and has announced incentives to boost exports. Top exporter in India can leverage the evolving trends and make a strong effort to expand its export markets and diversify its products in agricultural produce, meat, poultry and fisheries.

Hybrid online study 24x 7 and Live lectures – Online import export classes from any locations of India Export import training of Exim Guild helps to conduct export import management course online without any geographical barriers.

Top exporter in India, based out of Kolkata, Durgapur, Jamshedpur, Vishakhapatnam, Bhubaneswar, Siliguri, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai are undertaking training programs from Exim Guild.

Certificate courses in import export management through online training help to provide the participants a potential career in the international market.

One may take full advantage of export import management course online and undertake Live Workshops of H S Code and Incoterms which will help participants to gain depth of knowledge in exim business. The INCOTERMS is designed to provide an understanding of international trading tool which is a set of 11 regularly-used standard trading terms in international trade. The certificate is intended to build confidence in choosing the right Incoterm rule for the right transaction, in advising colleagues when issues arise in the execution of transactions, and in interfacing with logistics, finance and insurance personnel in other companies that come into contact with the same transaction.

The online workshops and the distance learning module from Exim Guild are designed for busy entrepreneurs and executives to focus on the specific areas of export import shipments and help the participants to get practical knowledge on new market developments in foreign countries. Global logistics and dangerous goods operations course The export import business has been growing at a rapid pace and this helps the participants to launch career in IMDG Dangerous Good transportation and Global Supply Chain. Most find jobs as Export Manager, Import Manager, International Logistics Supply Manager in large companies with good salary packages.

Our Dangerous Goods Logistics Operations course is designed by senior global logistics professional with proven experience in highly sensitive dangerous goods in the chemical industry involving large global manufacturing organizations with multibillion-dollar turnover. This is one of the branches of export import management course which spans across all modes of transport & logistics – sea, air, rail and trucking including warehousing and storage.

The import export course online has been designed to share learnings on enhanced safety performance, cost efficiency and ensures the brand protection of corporations.

The export import business training through the DGLO course helps to learn various international Codes and Regulations including the IMDG, IATA, IMO, IMSBC etc. Our super specialized course of Dangerous Good Logistics Operations is extremely popular in the world and this skill set is very much in demand. Export import management course online – The original number 1 Most of our courses are available in online format also. Exim Guild also conducts workshops in specialised subject matters like Export Documentation & Government Benefits and Letter of Credit & Arbitration etc.

Top import export company in India, look for Import Export certificate from participants of import export training. We continuously raise our standards for import export course and employ feedback mechanism to improve.

Course of export import in Kolkata, Durgapur, Jamshedpur, Vishakhapatnam, Bhubaneswar, Siliguri, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai is valuable and can be done in online. We also provide live interaction in small groups with the experience faculty members to clarify your doubts.

Exim Guild Cares Program – We share our heart with you

Exim Guild with its import export practical training and export import management courses and Dangerous Goods Logistics Operation courses has some of the finest course in the country. We support entrepreneurs by providing them the skill-set and knowledge for their success in foreign trade through best import export courses. We have a proactive CSR policy which provides financial support to micro & small NGOs. We also actively encourage women entrepreneurs and subsidize their training courses so that they can start contributing in the current economic situation. We wish all the best to individuals and organizations who are contributing in their own ways as India Fights Corona and the current economic situation.

Become an exporter or an importer with support from Exim Guild which is making a serious effort to contribute to the community through our 'EG Cares' program. We offer scholarship for bright minds who do not have the means to pay full fees or women who have truncated their careers and wish to make a comeback to 'Follow That Dream'

Don’t hesitate and enrol for the best import export courses or import-export course online or export import business training with Exim Guild.

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