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India’s GDP Growth and Its Effect on Placements Post-COVID-19

The current state of the Indian GDP. When you consider it with other advanced and world indicators, India is not in the worst stage yet. However, when you compare the Indian GDP in the year 2008 and 2020, a few things are clear:

1. The GDP growth rate in 2008 was 3.9. In 2020, it has reached an unprecedented low by going down to 1.9%.
2. The GDP drop in 2008 was steep. However, in the case of 2020, the GDP decline is gradual. 
3. Moody’s predictions for India pre-pandemic mapped GDP to grow between a 2.5-5% rate. But, COVID-19 has pushed this down to 1.9%.
4. Even though the Indian GDP growth rate was 3.9% in 2008, it skyrocketed to 8.5% within one year (2009).That is something that cannot be said about 2020.As per Moody's predictions , India’s growth rate should      rebound to 5.8% in2021. A 2.7% gap is estimated if one compares with 2008’s situation. 


What do these statistics and numbers tell us about the Indian economic condition in 2021? The economy will improve from what it is now, but not the way it did in 2009 and will have a direct effect on the placements of students.


What Can we do now?

The best we can all do right now is :-

Face Reality:

We all need to mentally prepare ourselves for the possibility that many of us may or may not get placed on an immediate basis. The best we can do at this time is work on improving our profile, probably take part in research or learn something new, to keep ourselves industry-ready when the time comes and this is where Exim Guild can support you


Economic crisis or not, highly skilled individuals are always picked. Apart from your usual knowledge and specialised domain, acquiring Export-Import management skill can give you an advantage in the job market of 2021. We have extensive courses which you can pursue and put yourself in a better position in the job race of 2021. So, let's use this time to grow, nurture our knowledge and learn while staying safe!

Continuity Plan: 

India has begun work on a continuity plan to kick-start exports once the country emerges from the shadows of the Covid-19 pandemic. The plan includes cutting down import dependence, especially from China, by focussing aggressively on substitution while improving safety compliance and quality goods to gain global market share.

Exim Guild offers its participants career placement assistance after completion of the classroom courses based on demand from various companies. We organize job interview trainings and various workshops to upgrade your skills-set to support your career growth.

Exim Guild is a key platform for new entrepreneurs, businessmen, traders and home makers to start a new export import business. We provide a 360-degree training of export import management to enable the participant to set up their own international business and be successful in the real world.

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