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As part of our community service to serve the society we are offering scholarship under the below mentioned categories

1. Women who were previously employed in service or have taken a break from being self- employed and now wishes to restart their career
2. Bright people who would like to make a career in Export Import business but has financial problems due to loss of job for over three months or comes from a low earning family
3. Deserving people, who have done research in foreign trade and published papers in journals on India’s global trade potential. Exim Guild attaches great importance on market and products research and is committed to build a repository for the easy access of the faculty and the alumni with the help of such publications.

Please reach out to our email, to book an appointment for discussion on our scholarship offers and the course fees exclusive of the GST.

Besides our scholarship programs, we have also pledged to donate a part of our earnings to small NGOs with limited financial means to bolster their effort in serving the community.

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